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Hand Size

Before determining the size of the hand, it is important to judge the size in relation to the rest of the body. Generally small hands represent the inclination towards large ideas, and large hands show a desire to do things and get them done one your own. Those with small and smooth hands tend to be the best executives because they have the ability to think big and delegate work. Those with large, knotty hands tend to have a strong desire carry out their own wishes and ideas on their own.
Hand Strength
This is best determined by shaking someone's hand. If the handshake is firm, then the person would most likely be aggressive and outgoing. However, if they present a weak handshake, then the obvious qualities would tend to be a little reserved, they may also be the type of person who likes to be taken care of.
Hand Color
The color of the palm is a good indicator of the vitality and strength of a person. A pale palm often shows a lack of strength and vitality. A yellow palm might indicate a hostile or even cynical nature. A pink palm show good vitality and strength. A red palm shows an extremely aggressive nature as well as hyperactive tendencies.
A relaxed and flexible hand represents an easygoing nature, and a person who readily accepts new ideas. However if the hand is too flexible and the fingers bend all the way back to a ninety degree angle, then the person can tend to be a pushover. A stiff hand shows a rigid personality and a stiff thumb represents a strong will. The spread of the fingers measures a persons versatility and generosity.
The warmth of a hand is fairly straightforward. If the hand is generally warm then the person is good-natured, and if it is generally cool or cold, then the person may tend to be somewhat withdrawn.

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