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The Pointed Hand

This hand is characteristic of its delicacy and grace. It has an almond shape where it is wider and round at the base and narrower as you move up towards pointed fingers. The thumb may also be long and flexible. The hand is often pale in colour, and the lines are often shallow.
  • Less of a doer, appreciates art and beauty.
  • Typical occupations include, hair-styling arts, cosmetic industry.
The Square Hand

This hand is smooth and firm. The palm is usually as wide as it is long, and it has a fairly square base. The fingers also have a square nature, and they can be short or long, and smooth and knotted. There tends to be few lines, however deep and clear.
  • A balanced and earthy person, solid values and energy, materialistic and practical.
  • Typical occupations include, successful business men who often use their hands.
The Coned-Shaped Hand

This hand is characteristic of its tubular fingers and smooth round base. It is broader at the base and tends to be fairly flat as well. Tapers a bit. Wavy lines.
  • A philosopher, inventive and creative, interested in theory as well.
  • Typical occupations include, educators, lawyer and artists.
The Spade-Shaped Hand

This hand is characteristic of its square base. The base is also narrower than the top of the palm. Displays knotty fingers, as well as fairly broad and square.
  • An inventor, a do-it yourself type of person, great manual dexterity.
  • Typical occupations include, engineer, decorator, mechanic.
The Mixed Hand

This hand is at first difficult to point out, they also do not simply represent a mixture of the other types of hands. The has a mixture of shapes, where it is square at the base of the thumb and oval or rounded at the heel. The fingers also have diverse characteristics. Some knuckles may be smooth in some areas and knotty in others.
  • A generalist whose personality combines creativity and practicality.
  • Typical occupations include, journalists, teachers, and researchers.

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