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The Thumb

The thumb is probably one of the most important aspects of our body. We readily use it almost every second of the day. The palm has been closely tied with the development of the brain and the eye, but in terms of palmistry, the thumb deals a great deal with a person's will.

The Ideal Thumb

The most ideal thumb is one that is a good length and stretches up to around the middle of the first joint of the index finger. It should be nice and firm, but at the same time moderately flexible (when the hand is spread, the thumb should easily stand a fair distance from the rest of the fingers). In terms of the shape, the thumb should have a well rounded upper section which tapers and slims down in the middle. This type of thumb represents someone who has a balanced will, a logical mind, and love.

  • The angle made between the thumb and the index finger is known as the "angle of generosity." The farther you can bend back the thumb, the more generous the person is. A stiff thumb that sticks to the side of the palm shows great cautiousness and conservative nature with money.

  • If the thumb naturally hides within the palm, then the person is usually fearful and full of anxiety.

  • The farther back the top portion of the thumb can be bent back, the more easy going the person is. If it is fairly rigid, than the person is of a stiff nature.

  • The mobility of the thumb represents the person's willingness to adapt to change, without being too much of a pushover.

The Segments of the Thumb

The thumb is divided into three sections. The top section represents the will; the middle section deals with the logic; the bottom section deals with love.

  • If the top section is thin and flat, it usually shows a weak will and an unwillingness to take on responsibility. As the top section increases in firmness and fullness, the person's will increases, their nature also moves from aggressiveness to almost self-centeredness.

  • If the top section is very firm and almost overdeveloped, then the person can tend to be egotistical and materialistic.

  • When the middle section is full and heavy, it represents a slight forcefulness towards others. When this section is very thin, then the person tends to be quite picky and even delicate in some situations. A slightly slim mid section represents a reasonably logical mind.

  • If the bottom section is overdeveloped when compared to the size of the rest of the thumb, then the person tends to allow their emotions to rule ahead of logic. If however it is proportionally more thin and flat, then the person tends to lack the ability to coordinate determination with their mental goals.

The Proportion and Size of the Thumb

The proportion of the different sections of the thumb in relation to each other is also very important. The actual size and length of the entire thumb is important as well.

  • A weak will is represented by someone whose upper joint is small when compared to the bottom section.

  • The person's will dominates their intellect if the top section is longer than the middle section.

  • If the middle section is long compared to the top section, then the person tends to have large ideas, but does have the discipline to carry them out.

  • If the length of a person's thumb reaches up to the middle joint of the index finger, then they are strong minded and strong willed. If it barely makes it to the first joint, then the person shows poor mental development.

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