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It is important to note that fingers should be examined and judged in relation to the entire hand as well as in relation to themselves.

The Length of Your Fingers

The length of your fingers are relative to the size of your palm. On average, the longest finger is about seven-eighths the size of your palm, and if it is just as long as your palm, then your fingers are considered long. Short fingers are shorter than seven-eighths of the palm. In relation to the fingers, the thumb is normally higher than the bottom joining of the index finger. The index finger however reaches a third of the way up the nail of the middle finger. The ring finger normally reaches just above the nail of the middle finger and the little finger should reach the top joint of the ring finger.

  • The length and size of a person's fingers can classify them as being intellectual, emotional or even a more physical person. Heavy fingers show a more physical nature. Long and slim signifies more of an emotional and aggressive type of person. Short and thick shows that the person is very emotionally comfortable.

  • If your index finger is longer than the normal length, you tend to be a leader and tell others what to do. If it is shorter however, then you tend to sit back and let others control you.

  • If your ring finger is longer than the normal height, you may tend to have an artistic talent, as well as a reckless and wild nature.

  • If your little finger is shorter than the normal length, it shows that you lack the ability to influence others. If it is longer, then you tend to be very articulate, and good at writing and selling.

The Spaces Between Your Fingers

It is also important to note the way the fingers are spaced apart. With your hand in a relaxed position examine how some fingers stand apart from others and how some stick close to the adjacent fingers.

  • An independent mind is signified when your little finger stands apart from the ring finger, with a great deal of space between them.

  • An art related life is shown when the ring finger sticks close to the middle finger. Your fate will also aid in your success.

  • If the middle finger and the index finger stick close together, it shows that you will gain authority and rank through your own goals and aspirations. If they stand apart, then your position will come from other means.

The Smoothness of Your Fingers

The smoothness or knottiness of the fingers and their joints is a good indication of which area of life a person would most likely be active in. It also deals with the instinctive, practical and intellectual attainment in regards to the fields which each finger represents. The middle finger deals with service (goals, restrictions). The index finger deals with authority (position, wealth, happiness). The ring finger deals with fulfillment (fame, success). The little finger deals with activity (health, mind, commercial ventures).

  • If your joints are generally smooth, then you may tend to be passive, but at the same time quite impulsive which may sometimes lead to carelessness.

  • If your top knuckles are smooth and your middle ones are knotty, then you are a person whose intellect and practicality work well together. A strong instinctive drive is characteristic of well developed knuckles.

  • The fleshiness of the pads inside the fingers as well as the flatness of those areas show a good development or lack of it in regards to the attributes of each finger.

  • Well developed balls on the ends of the fingers show a strong intellect and courtesy of the mind. A flatness represents a lack of intellectual insight regarding the attributes of the respective fingers.

The Shape of Your Fingers

The shape of the fingers would normally correspond to the shape of the hand, however most hands represent a mixture of finger types. This mixture helps to create a person a diversity of qualities and talents. The shape of the fingernail is also used in trying to determine the type of finger. Pointed-shaped fingers often have almond shaped nails; cone-shaped fingers have oval nails; square fingers have square nails; spade-shaped fingers have square-based nails which broaden at the tip.

  • A square finger represents a down-to-earth quality in respect to the attributes of the finger. A pointed finger shows an artistic nature. The spade-shaped finger represents an inventiveness. The cone-shaped finger represents an imaginative quality. In the situation of a mixed finger type, for example, if a person had a square type of ring finger, they would generally be artistically inclined, however if they also had a pointed index finger, then their occupation would probably not be art related.

  • Straight fingers represent a person who is honest, direct and clear-headed. Crooked fingers show a devious and malicious quality.

  • In regards to the nails, long nails show a soft heart; short nails show a paranoid and uneasy nature; wide nails show quarrelsome qualities; narrow nails show a conservative and refined nature.

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