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  APRIL 20 to
    May 20
Sign: Taurus
Name: Bull
Ruler: Venus

General Advice

This year calls you to triumph over adversity, when the darkness part of your life will come to pass. Fear not, for the courage and strength that you will find this year will be with you for the rest of your life. As the events of the year seem to come at you full speed, you will have to live moment to moment to keep up. Yield to impulse and trust your instincts. Take the risks that surface -- if you dare. The many conflicting stellar alignments are compelling you to change course. In the end though, you will be one year older, and many years wiser. You will be rewarded with an intense love, which will seem infinitely complex.

Taurus Attributes

Qualities=Fixed, Earthy, Feminine

The Sun in Taurus

Since your symbol is the bull, you are calm and gentle when everything is going good, however when provoked, you can easily become angry, and even difficult to please. Generally you like to take it easy and take your time. You are very patient. You may be constructive, but not original. You tend to follow the paths that others have made. You like things that are reliable and safe. There are also times when your personal caution may lead to stubbornness. Your sensitivity gives you the desire to comfort and ease others. Your self-reliance and persistence gives you the ability to patiently wait for your goals to come together. You are possessive affectionate, and sensual.