The Rising Sun

  Your Ascendant or Rising Sign

The Ascendant is the Sign that rises over the horizon at the time of your birth. Despite the fact that many people forget about it, it is the third most influential Sign after the Sun and the Moon. The Ascendant or Rising Sign helps us to realize how important and influential the exact hour of our birth can be. Being the Sign that dictates our outer behaviour, such as our appearances and mannerisms, the Ascendant is important in helping us determine who we are.
A person with the Sagittarius Ascendant generally tends to be more of an outdoors type of person, they love travel, as well as sports. Scorpio however, is quite the opposite, being secretive, suspicious, and determined at times. These two signs, seperated by only a couple hours, lie at complete opposite ends in terms of personality. It is important to know the exact time of birth because half an hour here or there could mean a total difference in who you are.

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A brief description of each Sign:

  • Usually courageous and adventurous; you have strong likes and dislikes; you have good executive abilities.
  • You are excitable and easily upset, but at the same time you are also easily soothed; you are creative and original.
  • You are good natured and generous; you look down on the small and petty aspects of life.
  • You are very likable; you are kind; courteous and compassionate; you are strongly influenced by your environment.
  • On one hand you can be sensitive and impressionable, but on the other hand you can be courageous and daring.
  • You are a humanitarian; with an honest and sincere outlook on life.
  • You do not become angered often, however you are also difficult to please, you tend to hold grudges for long periods of time.
  • You have a reserved exterior, but can be impatient and harsh in your disposition at times, you absorb the ideas of others well.
  • You have a good sense of justice, a good mind, and a strong diplomatic approach.
  • You are an extremist; you go after goals with 100% of yourself.
  • You are a very cautious person, but once your mind is set on something, you pursue it with full force.
  • You are constantly seeking new ideas and tasks; you are romantic, sensitive and impressionable.