Natal Charts

What is a Natal Chart?

A Natal Chart is a visual representation of the positions of the Planets of the Zodiac at the time of your birth. These are plotted on a circular chart that is divided into 12 equal 'slices'. The chart takes into consideration the date of your birth, the time of your birth, and where you were born (latitude & longitude). But surprisingly, these can tell you much about a person. It can reveal such things about you as your outlook, spiritual rebirth, imagination, changes, early or late success, obstacles, luck, romance and self-expression.

The alignment of the Planets and Zodiac Signs create unique combinations for each person. With the right background in astrology, you can read into these alignments, and read a horoscope that is immensely more accurate and relevant than any predictions you might find in your local paper.

Today, on the Internet, you can find innumerable 'astronomers', who will create a Natal Chart for you. They require your personal information, and a modest fee, before they can do anything. However, if you are sufficiently interested, books can be purchased that tell you how to create your own Natal Chart. Imagine amazing your family and friends with your in-depth Natal Readings.

To see an example of a Natal chart, click here. It is the Nativity of Prof. W. H. Chaney. He was one of the astrological pioneers in United States. He was Born: Jan. 13th, 1821; 11:32 pm.
Chesterville, Franklin Co., Maine
Latitude 44º North;
Longitude 70º West.