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       October 22
Sign: Libra
Name: Scales
Ruler: Venus

General Advice

Get ready for some romance, and spending the year having the time of your life! Trials and tribulations of the past cleansed you spiritually, so finally, you are going to have some fun. This year's drama has begun, and has blessed you with an unusual sex appeal. Consider this the Spring of your life, in which you will attract fair weather friends. Your social explorations and activities will take you to exciting and far off places. Allow yourself to indulge in everything forbidden. This year is full of luck, fun and realized fantasies.

Libra Attributes

Qualities=Cardinal, Airy, Masculine

The Sun in Libra

You love the arts, and cultural pleasures. You dislike hassles, drudgery and dirty work. Peace, beauty and harmony are major parts of your life. You are a natural peacemaker, but you are also a perfectionist at heart, where you are unhappy when placed into areas of conflict. You are sensitive to the needs and conditions of your friends and family. You are generally looked at as being, charming, easy-going and agreeable.