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  DECEMBER 22 to
      January 19
Sign: Capricorn
Name: Goat
Ruler: Saturn

General Advice

Spoil yourself. Get selfish, because you have been neglected long enough. Awaken your wild heart, and become the ultimate life of the party you once were. This year will bring the spark that has been lying dormant in you, for you will finally move away from the shadows. Disruptions are to be expected, and avoid wandering down abandoned roads. Early in the year, your resurgence will make you seem like the "Comeback Kid." With cunning and sting, you possess the power behind the scenes. It is time for you to escape from the ordinary.

Capricorn Attributes

Qualities=Cardinal, Earthy, Feminine

The Sun in Capricorn

You have a great sense of patience, persistence and concentration. Such qualities often allow you to overcome many obstacles that may have discouraged others. You may be disappointed often, but never discouraged. You have excellent reasoning skills, and a strong sense of your own values. Sometimes you may tend to be too conventional, or harsh in your judgement, but you are quiet and cool in terms of your affections.