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  JUNE 21 to
   July 22
Sign: Cancer
Name: Crab
Ruler: Moon

General Advice

Separations and disconnections will change the way you look at things. Quickly, you are becoming the talk of the town, as a year like no other will unfold and dazzle us all along the way. An unfairly handsome heart will seek you out, particularly in the spring. Your intuitive, alert sensibilities will be recognized and poised for greatness. However, a word of warning: "Not all is fair in love and war." Your unique destiny will finally show itself to you: Richness; Sophistication; and a private Passion. By the end of the year, you will be at a crossroads.

Cancer Attributes

Qualities=Cardinal, Watery, Feminine

The Sun in Cancer

Like the crab, you bear a hard protective shell on the outside, which shelters a sensitivity. Outwardly, you give the impression of self-assurance and confidence, but inside you crave security and love. And whether you show it or not, you have an undeniable sensitivity which is especially influenced by kindness, consideration and sympathy. You also fear criticism and ridicule. Often your self-consciousness is your undoing. Despite the fact that you may tend to be shy, you love publicity and glory.