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  MARCH 21 to
    April 19
Sign: Aries
Name: Ram
Ruler: Mars

General Advice

A powerful, passionate momentum is slowly building in your life, and your train is finally coming in. Through the remaining months of the year, your spirit will be awakened, an event that will transform your existence -- the many dimensions of your sparkling personality will suddenly blossom. Brimming in spirit and fiery determination, your rebellious heart will cry to be set free. As exciting and arguous your spiritual journey will be, it will not be the highest mountain you'll have to climb. For the Aries, an enduring love will come calling.

Aries Attributes

Qualities=Cardinal, Fiery, Masculine

The Sun in Aries

You are a go-getter. You are head-strong and sometimes even impulsive. Your ambition leads you to new ideas and goals. Your energy and enthusiasm is great, however you can also be quite blunt at times, and are inclined to get straight to the point. You always seem to give off the impression of urgency and restlessness. Your self-assertiveness and self-directed ambition makes being your own boss an idea you should definitely look into. Despite the fact that you may have a short temper, grudges are something that you never hold for long.