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  JANUARY 20 to
    February 18
Sign: Aquarius
Name: Waterman
Ruler: Uranus

General Advice

You will ascend rapidly into the a captivating spot light. With an appetite for fame, you will make some exceptional power plays. Avoid any signs of an ultimatum as your eccentric genius gets center stage. You will be characteristically unpredictable, and as you live life in the fast lane your social calender will sizzle with exciting activity.

Aquarius Attributes

Qualities=Fixed, Airy, Masculine

The Sun in Aquarius

You are idealistic, with strong likes and dislikes. You are a thinker with strong needs for originality. You also tend to view the world in an unconventional light. You are often determined, cautious, quiet, as well as philosophical. Others often perceive you as refined, pleasant and generous. You have radical ideas that are looked upon as eccentric.