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Along with affecting your environment, Feng Shui concepts also apply to time (years, months, days). Every year, month and day have different characteristics of Chi energy which affects each person differently depending on when they were born. The way Chi effects these moments in time are unchangeable, however by determining what your Kua Number is, you can determine what years are your most fortunate years.

Chi energies change the most from year to year, based on the Chinese calendar, where new years start in February. This energy also changes on a nine year cycle and affects the Eight Directions (ie. North, northeast, east, south east, etc.) As the cycle moves, different years and different directions have varying effects on how beneficial certain activities might be to you. Some directions become more auspicious, and some less.

Generally, the opportunity of being able to construct new businesses/endeavors based on auspicious directions is not very practical. Therefore it is probably more useful to focus on the way Chi affects different years and figure out which years are more fortunate for us.

Whether dealing with directions or years, you need to first figure out what your Kua Number is.

Use the automatic Kua Number calculator on the left to find out what your number is.

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