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The bagua is a tool used to help map your home and compartmentalize each section to correspond to each section of the bagua, which relates to different aspects of your life. The chart on the left shows how each section of the Bagua is divided (fig. 1).

This can be applied to not only your house, but each individual room, offices, gardens, even furniture (ie desks). This gives each area of the building a special significance. By enhancing and strengthening these areas, good fortune in those aspects of their lives are increased and strengthened as well. Enhancing a room can be done by balancing the harmonious flow of Chi through the area and also placing objects with attributes that relate to the section of the bagua those rooms fall under (click here for more info).

How to Map Your Home:

In order to map your home, you need to determine the overall shape. Even though it is not the case most of the time, the most preferable shape is a square home. In this case each area of the home can be fitted nicely into the different sections of the bagua. Some homes are U shaped or L shaped. In such case the bagua map is usually extended outside the home and areas of garden, walkways, etc are taken into account. With complex shaped buildings, the best thing to do might be to deal with individual rooms.

The bagua map must be oriented with the front of your home. And your front entrance will either fall in Knowledge & Self-Cultivation, Career or People and Travel, depending on whether the front entrance is on the left-side of the front of the house or the right-side. The area in the rear left of the home would be Wealth and Prosperity, rear right would be Love and Family. Like this, the rest of the house will fall into one of the sections of the bagua.

When mapping rooms as well, it is not necessary to map each individual room, but rather only the rooms that correspond to areas of life you wish to improve.

Missing Bagua Areas:

When there are missing bagua areas (ie. areas of the Bagua that fall outside the boundaries of the house), you can still enhance those areas from the outside. Solutions such as adding a deck, patio or even a new room addition can provide enough structural substance for you to work with. Symbolic objects can also be used and do not require major renovations to change the shape of the home, such as:

  • Fences
  • Waterfalls, fountains
  • Boulders
  • Trees, plants
  • Sculptures
  • Bird baths
  • Lampposts

    From within the home, mirrors, crystals and plants can be used to enhance the chi around the missing areas. It is also in these cases where it is important to enhance the same Baqua area in each individual room.

    It is important to keep all these areas with Chi enhancing objects. Items that deplete Chi or really have no personal value to you, should be removed. Things that you do not love or do not make you happy are only hindering the flow of Chi and drains your energy.

    Check out Chi, Health, Success to find out more about these areas and the objects and colours that enhance them.

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