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People with trouble in any of these areas might find that their home is missing that area of the Bagua, for example because of an L-shaped design of their home. What exists in this section might be an unkept, and unwelcoming garden, which could be cause for more problems. Sometimes having bathrooms in this section can also be a problem because all the vital Chi is being sucked down the drains. Or sometimes simply an area/room that is in very poor shape, dark, dirty, unkept, closed off is in dire need for a rebalancing of Chi energy.

Wealth and Prosperity
Fame and Reputation
Love and Marriage
Health and Family
Creativity and Children
Knowledge and Self-Cultivation
Helpful People & Travel

The way we live in each aspect of our lives in some way affects the other parts of our lives. Feng Shui deals with an ever changing connectedness between all aspects of life. Working in uncomfortable, unsafe environments changes our mood which affects our attitude towards other things. A cramped office, with messy piles of paper, books and garbage, negatively affects the way Chi is expressed, as well as your approach towards other facets of your life.

The balance of Chi, through the arrangement of objects in your home affects not only the feel of the room, but also your relationships, health and finances.

Many areas of your life can benefit from the proper placement of objects and the attentive focus on specific areas of your room or house. With the aid of a Bagua Map (click here for more info), one can attempt to pinpoint what areas of the house should be worked on. These areas can be divided to represent each of the following (click on each for tips on how to enhance those areas):

- Wealth & Prosperity
- Fame & Reputation
- Love & Marriage
- Health & Family
- Creativity & Children
- Knowledge & Self-Cultivation
- Career
- Helpful People & Travel

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