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Each element has different characteristics and effect each other's Chi differently. The following are examples of objects that represent each element:

  • Objects made out of wood (furniture, paneling)
  • Plants (even fake ones)
  • Plant-based textiles
  • Floral decorations (upholstery, wall paper)
  • Art depicting gardens, plants, flowers
  • Columnar shape (columns)
  • Blue and green colours

  • Lighting (electric, oil, candles, sunlight,
  • Objects made from animals (fur, leather,
    bone, feather)
  • Pets
  • Art depicting sun, light, fire, animals, people.
  • Shapes such as triangles, pyramids or cones
  • Red colours

  • Adobe, brick and tile, ceramic, earthenware
  • Shapes such as squares, rectangles, long
    flat surfaces
  • Art depicting landscapes
  • Yellow and earthy colours

  • All metals
  • Rocks and stones, marble, granite, flagstone
  • Crystals and gems
  • Art and Sculpture made from metal or stone
  • Shapes such as circles, ovals, arches
  • White and light pastel colours

  • Streams, rivers, pools, fountains
  • Reflective surfaces (mirrors, glass)
  • Flowing, free form shapes
  • Black, blue and dark toned colours

Combinations of elements can be found in objects such as aquariums (which usually contain all 5), red wooden chairs (contain both fire and wood elements). The most tranquil, natural environments in the world usually contain all five elements in some shape or form.

Even your home can be fixed to contain all five elements: Simply step into a room and analyze its elemental composition. Determine what is missing and find ways to add them. You will find that the results are often quite satisfying.

The charts on the left are important to consider when balancing the elements. It represents the nourishing and controlling cycle of the elements and how they effect each other. Controlling functions are not harmful, but rather provide options for creating balance and harmony.

Practical Example: in a home completely made of wood, wooden furnishing, counter this by bringing Metal elements, such as Bronze lamps, rocks, marble. Placing a highlight of the fire element is also good, since wood feeds fire, so as to lessen woods presence.

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Even the shapes of buildings are affected by the 5 Elements. The shape of your home or work, and their surrounding buildings can have an effect on the lives of its inhabitants. Click here for more info.

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