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The task of creating harmonious and nourishing Chi is all about balance. More specifically, the balance of two extremes, Yin and Yang. Yin represents the following qualities: feminine, dark, cool, soft, wet, earth, moon, etc. Yang represents the following qualities: masculine, light, hard, hot, dry, sky, sun, etc.

Example of a Yin Room would be one that is dimly lit, with dark furniture and low ceiling. (balance this with brighter lights and colours)

Example of Yang Room would be a brightly sun lit room with high ceilings and windows, sparsely furnished with angular furniture. (balance this with upholstered furniture, dark, rich colours)

A balance of both is usually most preferable. We instinctively tend to place ourselves in balanced environments, where things feel just right for us. However, ultimately it is the room that most pleases us and provides comfort that is the most balanced to suit each individual's need. Sometimes a very Yang room, such as the high ceiling, white walled, sun filled environment is exactly what is needed to balance someone's individual Chi. No matter how you try to balance it, it is what gives you the most joy that is the best for you. Different people sometimes require different ratios of Yin and Yang to balance out their rooms.

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To break things down even further, every physical thing in this world, is made up of one or more of the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Because, according to Feng Shui, we are made up of all five, we are most comfortable when all five elements are present.

Two ideas we look at when analyzing a room based on the 5 elements: 1) Determine what elements are present, 2) Determine what and how elements need to be added or corrected to create balance.

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