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Everything is Alive

All objects in our world contain an energy known as Chi. Even inanimate objects such as rocks, cars, furniture, land and buildings.

Each object also has its own unique Chi properties which can have different effects on different people, because each person reaction depends on their individual experiences and memories related to those objects, ie a picture with sentimental value will positively or negatively effect that person more than others. Joyful memories attached to these objects increase the vital energy it emits. Objects and their chi and the way our personal responses blend and effect them contributes to our harmonious existence with those environments.

It is very important for us to surround ourselves with objects that promote a harmonious balance of chi energy, which in turn provides us with deep feelings of comfort, safety, vitality and happiness.

Everything is Connected

All physical things are also connected by Chi energy. One thing effects the other and its surroundings, like a ripple in a pond. The way objects effect the Chi around them can also be determined by the materials they are made up of (click her for more info).

The chaotic Chi present in one corner of the house leaks out and alters the mood and balance of the entire home, which effects our attitudes and how we interact with the outside world, our relationships, financial success and health.

Everything is Changing

Chi is constantly changing. Our environments are alive, connected with the world and constantly changing as well. As we change, emotionally, mentally and as the seasons change, our communities and environments evolve as well.

Just as our state of mind can affect the environment, the changing environment also effects how we feel, and may hold us back in old patterns of behaviour if we do not allow our environments to reflect the change in our minds. Example, someone who takes a dieting course to learn new eating habits. If they go home and do not change their kitchen to reflect these new ideas, they will be tempted to return to their old eating habits.

New perspectives invite great change in our lives and our environments, by accepting these changes we are inviting fresh , harmonious energy into our surroundings. Feng Shui is about welcoming change.

"If you want change in your life, move 27 things in your house."

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