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Ancient eastern science that helps one understand and change the nature of their environment in order to help improve the balance of Chi energy and enhance their lives. Feng Shui is a Chinese term meaning "Wind and Water" and has been practiced for over three thousand years. The goal of Feng Shui practitioners was to locate "auspicious sites" for people to build homes. Auspicious Site meaning a location where the vital Chi energy flowed in a manner that was harmonious and supportive of human life. Ancient practitioners were brought to assess the land and interpret the language of the mountains, valleys, rivers, fields. This language is the nature of the Chi energy emitted and flowing through these environments. Every feature and condition of an area effects the flow of energy or mood of that environment. The Principles of Feng Shui are used to not damage this flow or attempt to improve it.

The Western World presents us with existing scenarios, buildings and structures already built. The role of Feng Shui here is to help improve our working and living spaces and maximize health prosperity and happiness. It is very much like the idea of interior design and reasons to apply Feng Shui are usually very similar to the reasons why we wish to renovate. The idea of Feng Shui is that in changing our environment, we are trying to creates balance and harmony in your home/workplace and in turn, your relationships, health and finances. Ppeople experience happier, healthier, more prosperous lives when their home and work environments are harmonious.

Feng Shui describes this through the concept of Chi energy. Where all the objects around us effect the level and flow of Chi in a room. However from a more physical point of view the balancing of a room simply involves a degree of common sense. For example keeping a room neat and tidy is the first step in creating a comfortable living environment. From an Eastern point of view this allows the Chi energy to easily flow through the room rather than creating blockages and stifling areas of unease. It is similar to the idea that spending your time outside on a beautiful sunny day is so much more relaxing and energizing than spending it cooped up in a windowless room. The energy you feel from the sun is directly related to Chi energy. By balancing the Chi energy in our homes through the principles of Feng Shui you are able to create Chi enriched environments to improve the way you feel which in turn improves your health, prosperity and happiness.

Feng Shui principles (from a Western perspective) can often simply be seen as a set of guidelines to help you re-design or decorate your living space so that it is pleasing to the eye and emits a feeling of comfort and vitality.

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