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  • The location of your bathroom within your house is not as important as the location of the toilet within the bathroom.
  • Toilets should be aligned away from the door, or at least hidden from the door.
  • Toilets act as drains connected to waterways which can flush away Chi and vital energy and fortune. Because of this, it is important to keep the toilet lid and the bathroom door closed when not in use.
  • According to the Bagua, bathrooms located in the Wealth section will tend to flush away your money.

  • The kitchen should normally be the most protected part of the home. This room is important because it deals with the nourishment and health of the family.
  • It needs to be designed so that the cook does not have their back facing the door most of the time.
  • Fire items such as cookers and stoves should not be placed so that they are directly facing Water items such as sinks and stoves.
  • Fire items should also not be facing the front or back doors of the house.
  • Depending on your Bagua Number and your best directions, the mouth of the oven should try and face one of those directions.
  • If there are two doors in the kitchen, try not to have them facing each other.
  • Adding Wood elements help to nourish Fire and Water.

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