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Homes should be chosen with streets in mind. Streets act as waterways and can either send Chi crashing through your home or gently add the vitality needed. Houses located on busy highways or freeways run the risk of having Chi storming too quickly through and actually taking energy away from the home. Bushes and trees, or fences mixed with foliage are good ways of screening your home from such harsh elements, especially from the toxins created by traffic. Such ideas are also good for homes located at the brunt end of a t-intersection, where the Chi has the tendency of barreling straight into the home.

Windows and Doors
The primary direction of Chi through your home is determined by its flow between doors and windows. Standing at the entrance of your home or room, the position of windows and other doors determines which direction the Chi will likely flow towards. It is important to have a nice meandering flow throughout the room. If a window is directly opposite a door, Chi will tend to flow straight out the window. In such cases it is important to place items to help redirect or block Chi energy, these items include plants, curved elements like drapes, low lines in front of windows. Rooms with stagnant Chi, may require mirrors, lights, flowers, bright colours to help attract Chi and get it flowing around the room.

Corners are considered offensive, however they are also in abundance in our everyday environments, such as furniture.. They act as sharp arrows directing Chi in the wrong directions and often out the door. When corners are directed at the door, they tend to direct not only Chi, but guide people/customers out the door as well and make them feel unwelcome. Simple solutions include turning your desk diagonally so that the flat side faces the door, or covering the corners with fabric and plants. Another solution is designing without corners or rounded edges.

Another group of corners are corners of rooms. These have the opposite effect of corners that jut out. These corners pull circulating Chi into them where it remains stagnant. To counter this, people tend to round off the corners formed by walls with building materials or decorative material. Placing things such as plants, lights and sculptures, or even suspending crystals, mobiles or wind chimes can help to soften corners.

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