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The location of your home is one of the first thing one must look at when both buying a home or applying Feng Shui. Some homes are naturally in great positions for stimulating Chi, however there are others that need more balancing than others. It is very rare that there are homes without hope for fixing. Aside from addressing the location of your home in relation to its environment (ie, trees, water, streets, other buildings, landscape), it is also very important to look at the location of features like doors, windows and corners.

Ideal places to live are those that retain the presence of all five elements. In ancient times the most ideal location was somewhere between mountaintops/valleys and flood plains. Such landscaping features can be mimicked through the use of bushes around your home, embracing it, adding a water fountain in the front, or even meandering stone paths. Building fences, adding rocks/boulders and birdbaths are also great ways of introducing different elements to the serenity of your home.

It is also important to be aware of the location of different rooms in your home, because Chi is most active in the rooms towards the front of the house. This is inappropriate for places such as bedrooms and places of relaxation and rest. Rooms such as offices, living rooms, might be best served in the front of the home, while bedrooms remain at the back of the house.

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